2016 Student Rug Design Competition

For over 25 years, Hagopian has fostered educational excellence in design with their Student Rug Design Competition, offering scholarships and donations to local colleges.CCS staff along with 2016 Judges Jana Keyes of JJK Designs and Dayna Flory of Dayna Flory Interiors, joined hosts Suzanne Hagopian and Angela Hagopian Snow at the Birmingham showroom to determine the winners of the 27th Annual Student Rug Design Competition. Enthusiasm for this treasured project was evident in the lively deliberations as each student entry was carefully reviewed. It was obvious that the 2016 theme of “immigration” was embraced by the students as their inspiring rationales were read.

Appearing left to right:

Jana Keys, Dayna Flory, Alesia Haney (CCS),
Shannan McPartlon (CCS),
Suzanne Hagopian,
Angela Hagopian Snow

First Place

Second Place

“Fingerprint” Ashley Kreger
A fingerprint. The most true form of someone’s identity. Each of us is made up of so much; our appearance, our race, our religion, and our citizenship. Those of us who stand together in the great City of Detroit may come from many unique places but we stand as brothers and sisters.
“German Folk Art” Esther Licata
I am the daughter of an amazing woman who is a German immigrant to Detroit, and this design was largely inspired by my mom’s story. I wanted to focus on the importance of family in a strong community, and on my Mom’s irreplaceable influence in my family. I used pattern motifs from German folk art, as well as personal symbols of my mother, such as the central flower. Throughout the design, there are images of more organic forms transitioning into more geometric patterns.This is my attempt to depict how the variety of people and families here in Detroit combine to create a beautiful structure. The environment where I see this rug being used would be in a lively dining room, under a family table. My intent was to create an image consisting of spoon-shapes adding a delicious variety of colorful things to the design.The rug would be an appetizing reminder of a family dinner table, and also a depiction of Detroit as a “mixing bowl” filled with the great variety of living cultures welcome here.

Third Place

Honorable Mention

“Flowing Circles” Nadine DuPont
The inspiration for my design was an emotional response to the effects of immigrants being extracted from their sense of familiarity. I feel as though their energy permeates as they search to find their place in their new surroundings. The flowing circles represent a rippling effect, and the darker aqua cores represent the inner peace that we are all searching for within ourselves.
“Common Goals” Rebecca Zimmerman
For this rug I was really inspired by the immigrant families I have met and became friends with. All of these families are extremely diverse in personality, values, cultures and dynamics but they all share a common goal, to make the lives of their families better. All of the people I have drawn are made from one line to show this connection. I think this particular rug would be cool in a more contemporary environment.

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