How to Prepare

How To Prepare

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Please have staff pick up personal & business items off floors in areas we're cleaning.

Please remove all breakables from furniture we are moving.

Please remove chair pads if contract requires.

If you would like us to strip and wax under furniture, please remove it from the areas that have vinyl tile.

Please make sure we have immediate access to any areas/rooms we are cleaning.

Please provide phone number(s) for jobsite contact.

If parking near the building is tight, please block off one to two spaces for our vehicle.

Please note we clean around computers.

Please be very careful walking from damp carpet to a hard surface as it will be slippery.

If staff will be walking on clean carpet, have them wipe their shoes with a damp cloth to avoid tracking soil onto clean carpet.

If the cleaners leave plastic under the furniture legs, leave them there until the carpet is completely dry.

Inform staff what areas we will be cleaning and that the cleaners are not authorized to clean additional areas unless directed to by our contact.