All Natural Disinfectant

100% Natural Disinfectant

Does Your Business Need to be Cleaned & Sanitized?

Hagopian is here to help with our 100% All-Natural Disinfectant

Our all-natural (herbal based) broad-spectrum anti-viral and anti-microbial product works specifically on viruses and organic impurities like mold and mildew. Give your employees a healthier work environment, peace of mind, and beautifully cleaned carpet by Hagopian.

A clean office gets noticed and dirty one gets noticed even more. A clean environment sends a strong, positive message to everyone who visits your business. Let us help with our full range of cleaning services, convenient scheduling, competitive pricing, vast experience and proven results with state-of-the-art cleaning.

Call or email our Commercial Cleaning Team for a no-obligation evaluation of your cleaning needs.

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