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Antique over size Karabagh rug, 11 x 22

  • Age UA
  • Condition Excellent
  • Weave Fine
  • Pile Medium
  • Warp Wool
  • Knot Type Asymmetrical
  • Oversized, 11' x 22' Antique Hand-Knotted
  • Caucasian Rug, Circa 1899
  • One  of a kind
  • Exquisitely detailed and dramatic antique Karabagh rug. Piece has had some restoration work.  Handknotted in the Caucasus region, north of Iran and Turkey, circa 1899.

Jewel toned color palette includes indigo ground accented with medium and dark blues, rasperry, golds and ivory.This rug has two areas of Farsi writing on one end.

This rug is an extremely unusual large size for a rug made in Karabagh at the turn of the century, indicating it was most likely a commissioned piece.


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