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Timeless beauty! 4.6 x 6.8 Antique Persian Gashgai Rug

  • Age Antique
  • Condition Good
  • Weave Fine
  • Pile Short
  • Warp Wool
  • Knot Type Symmetrical


Within a system where the activities of women have been traditionally suppressed, women typically do all the spinning, dyeing, and weaving, on these Gashgai rugs. Evidence of their artistic gifts is manifested in their rug-making skills.  This antique Persian 4.6 x 6.8 Gashgai Rug reflects that skill in a work of art nearly a century old. Hand-knotted with pure wool, showcasing rich and natural colors including brick, ivory, black and green. It is in very good condition and will add warmth and charm to any space. Enjoy the allure of history and craftsmanship with this unique, vintage treasure.



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