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Exceptional Antique Persian Ferraghan Rug, size 6.1 x 13.3

  • Age Antique
  • Condition Good
  • Weave Fine
  • Pile Short
  • Warp Wool
  • Knot Type Symmetrical

This exceptional 6.1 x 13.3 Antique Persian Ferraghan rug was woven <75 years ago by master weavers using 100% wool.  The rug reflects a beautifully worn but very distinct all-over pattern in shades of midnight blue, reds and ivory.  Antique Persian rugs known simply as “Ferahan” are characterized by their close-cropped and tightly woven construction using fine yarn. They typically employ dense allover field patterns,, epitomizing the exceptional craftsmanship of 19th-century Persian carpets.  Low pile.  Good condition.


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