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Brilliant Color! Antique Persian Zendjian Rug, 4.0 x 6.7

  • Age Antique
  • Condition Good
  • Weave Medium
  • Pile Short
  • Warp Wool
  • Knot Type Symmetrical

Brilliant Antique Persian Zendjian Rug, 4.0 x 6.7.  This rug was hand-knotted by accomplished weavers <75 years ago in Zenjan a city in the north-western area of Irant hat was also an important stop in the Silk Routes of Iran. These carpets are renowned for their rich, bright and exotic colors, enough to liven up any room.  This rug reflects a charming palette of dark blue and poppy red in a crisp and intricate geometric design.  Condition is very good.  A great find!


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